"Life with Dementia isn't over - it's just a little different"

Peter Berry

Peter Berry

Living Well with Dementia

Living well with Dementia

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Peter has a vivid way of viewing his dementia which helps others to understand. He describes his videos as ‘opening the curtain that surrounds his dementia and letting people into his world.’


Peter Berry on his Penny Farthing at the start of the Four Counties Challeng
"Yesterday is lost and forgotten; tomorrow shall be mine for a short time. Always looking forward to tomorrow. My yesterdays will now always be my tomorrows."

"It is important to remember, that a diagnosis of dementia is not just a diagnosis for the individual, but it’s a diagnosis for the whole family.”

Email: deb.bunt@btopenworld.com


Twitter: @PeterBe1130

Instagram: @peterberry8

Peter is pleased to be a patron of For Brian CIC -  an evolving concept, co-produced by its directors in collaboration with its beneficiaries living with dementia. The company aims to empower people living with dementia and their families to design support that meets their individual needs, providing agency in challenging circumstances. Cycling plays a huge part in their existence. 


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